During the course of a sporting event, there are natural periods of slow times where we can engage fans by playing fun competitive games against other/

What it does

Involve an entire arena of 1000s of fans into a single LIVE game, where players join teams and compete each other to see who wins. Activating a major brand partner also is part of the overall experience.

How we built it

Front end web based game able to play in any fan's smartphone mobile browser using Jquery, Angular, Node and hosted on Firebase

A leaderboard for thousands of players to display the results, made by RESTful calls to Heroku server.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A full functional game that people can sign into and play right away.

What we learned

On the dev side, more familiarity with different stacks for some of us

On the implementation side, we learned a lot about Arena operations, technology and experience. A new found respect exists for how many people/roles it takes to produce a live sporting event.

What's next for Team IDEA / Fun Fan Engagement

Dinner & Sleep

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