As a team of 2 developers and a data scientist, we found this problem statement interesting because it parallels what we face on a daily basis at work. The problem of pursuing our preferred career track and the company’s problem in managing this issue.

What it does

Connect internal talent and skills company wide with employee career preferences.

How I built it

We use HTML/CSS and Python to design our prototype.

Challenges I ran into

As the problem statement was very broad, we had to spend most of our time to narrow down a suitable issue with our mentors. We also had no prior knowledge of the accounting industry. It was a good thing we had capable and sincere mentors on hand.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're happy with narrowing down our problem choice.

What I learned

We realized very quickly that managing our time was critical. Having spent a lot of time with our mentors, we needed to quickly come to an agreement and make a decision on how we needed to move forward.

What's next for Team HNG

We would like to explore possibility of working with other companies to further develop our prototype.

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