• Having to stay at home because of a virus outbreak can feel like not doing anything and can be downright boring
  • So we thought, why not help keep our sanity with memes and achievements?
  • We created teamHermit, a mobile app to encourage more people to stay at home and have fun doing it

What inspired us

  • Though staying at home feels like not doing anything, it is actually the most important thing many of us can do right now to support our front-line workers globally.
  • We wanted people to feel like they are contributing to a cause and have a little fun, even as they binge-watch Netflix in their pajamas while "working" from home

How it works

  1. Install the mobile app
  2. Save your home position
  3. Start your stay-at-home quarantine / social distancing marathon
  4. The app will then periodically check its location and make sure you are staying put!
  5. Unlock fun achievements and collect points that don't really matter
  6. Share your amazing stay-at-home stats on the leaderboards

How we built it

  • Android, Node, Express, MongoDb, blood, sweat, tears, and memes

Challenges we faced

  • From idea formulation to design to development, it was an extremely tight schedule and we all worked incredibly hard to deliver a "production-ready" app.

What we learned

  • We learned how to collaborate well remotely and use technologies that we don't use in our day job (like MongoDB)

Ideas and plans for the future

  • iOS app
  • Invite and compete against friends directly
  • Real rewards e.g. grocery and pharmacy cards
  • Figure out how to pivot after this whole thing blows over
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