Problem 1: Prevention The fact that it could be as little as a few hundred dollars between home and homeless, certain communities within the homeless population have even greater challenges navigating shelters and prevention is hard

What it does

Community members visit the site and either claim Need or Have. If Need, a user inputs details around their need for temporary housing, food or a job. If Have, the user searches for Needs, connects with a Need and the two users can exchange messages.

How we built it

This or the first project we worked on until 11 pm Saturday? This one: Analyzed project brief Brainstormed individually and as a group Settled on idea Mapped out how to get from a to b and delegated tasks Got from a to b

Challenges we ran into

Getting traction Learning Feathers (first project) Way too much scope Making the difficult decision to pivot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming the churn Our t-shirts Returning to simplicity Clearly identifying scope (the second time around) Clearly identifying an achievable way forward

What we learned

Define scope early Resilience pays off

What's next for Team Generadix

Back to school, back to work, applying for jobs

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