One Roof

One Roof was created to help solve one of the most important issues facing homeless outreach today - availability and accessibility. The dashboard is a hub for facilities to share information regarding availability between shelters quickly, easily, and efficiently. The system is designed for convenient and accessible implementation across different regions, to ensure a low bar of entry for new care providers as well as existing ones.

This system can be implemented to work on any device or platform thanks to it's backend API. We have created both a demonstrative website and a mobile application to show the versatility of One Roof's API across different platforms and devices. The website features a dashboard that makes finding the nearest shelter convenient and fast with quick to access information. The iOS app assists shelters in providing their own availability and service information to those who are potentially in need.

This is just one step in ending homelessness by decreasing administrative time spent on finding nearby available shelters. This decreases the amount of effort those that those seeking shelter spend on finding an available roof over their heads and saves the potential wasted time of visiting a shelter only to be turned away due to unavailability.

Our submission demonstrates the ability to access unified information across different platforms and ecosystems with easy deployment..

This project was an effort by Team Fins, consisting of these small teams:

Design Aaron Holderman Trey Baugher Lincoln Wisely

Frontend Aaron Holderman Lincoln Wisely Aric Sangchat

Mobile Trey Baugher Sonny Rodriguez

Backend Krishna Patel Bryan Butler Kohl Kohlbrenner

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