Wouldn't it be amazing if we could have our important documents stored in our cloud (Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) linked directly to Jira issues or Jira Service Desk tickets? What if we could also edit these documents without leaving the Atlassian Products (Confluence, Jira, JSD) while maintaining one single source of truth? That is all possible with Team Files. Team Files allows you to embed your cloud documents in a Jira issue or Confluence page with your team, removing the headache of having multiple versions of the same document across the instance.

What it does

In the App Week at Scottsdale we had a meeting with some people Atlassian on how we could use Team Files to leverage the flexibility of Jira Service Desk itself, regarding documents sharing. It would be amazing if we could get your documents for edit/preview in the Jira Service Desk ticket so your customers can consult or edit them. Thus, for this Codegeist added the support for Jira Service Desk projects to Team Files. This new capability allows you to embed that document you would like your customer to read, as well as to share any form you would like him to fill, without worrying about downloading and saving the file in the right place after the process is done. This, again, will maintain a single source of truth.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are really happy with this integration because we believe this is an important step to leverage any team productivity. Because we maintaing the single source of truth, teams only need to embed documents and relax.

What's next for Team Files: Office 365 & Google Docs

Our next steps are to integrate Team Files with the JSD knowledge base. It would be awesome if we could list documents embed via Team Files in the knowledge base results. That would make Team Files and Service Desk to work even more as a whole.

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