We noticed that MedLink did not have a central locations for patients to identify low-cost medical clinics. We envisioned a full mobile app, backed by a full-functioning API that allows the people of Charlotte and the surrounding counties and towns to quickly find the affordable care that they need.

What it does

Our app shows all of the clinics listed on MedLink's website on a Map and allows the user to filter based on both condition and fee charged by the clinic.

How we built it

We approached this solution from two angles:

  1. An API that served up the pubicly facing data and provdided all the properties so that a mobile app can display it in a useful way.
  2. A complete Android app that intuitively allows users to find the clinic that best suits their medical and socieconomoc needs.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Time. Never enough to truly go as far as we yearned to go.
  2. We had to manually research and compile the publicly facing MedLink clinic data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We delivered essentially a business ready, deployable mobile solution backed with a functioning API that allows users to find clinics that fit their needs.
  2. Also helps users contact the clinics and find a mode of transportation to reach the clinics.
  3. We incorporated several other tools within the Android ecosystem.
    • Google Maps
    • Phone
    • Web Browser

What we learned

  1. We learned through the course of this Hackathon that we should play to our strengths, which is why we implemented a Mobile solution rather than a Big Data solution.

What's next for team-figjam

  1. The future will tell, but I can tell you: many more mobile apps!

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