What it does

We push ads to prospective solar clients and once they click on our ad, we get their location and coordinates. This location is automatically updated in our customizable CRM. For the initial few months, the CRM is free of cost. We are unique in the way we share our leads. We categorize EPC players in the following categories:- city, locality and credibility. Initially, the EPC players will be ranked on the basis of experience i.e. number of projects executed. Our platform shares leads with EPC players for a particular period of time. The turn around time for the top two ranked players will be 24 hours after which the lead will be passed on to the next two EPC players, in case the first two players cannot execute the deal.

In addition to providing leads, we provide real time analysis of the solar projects closed in a particular locality. For instance, if we get a lead from the GK-I area in New Delhi, we provide the historical data for projects closed in that locality. This will help our partners execute deals at the maximum possible price resulting in a bigger commission for us.

Revenue Model

  1. Commission - Percentage of the closing price of a solar project.

  2. Subscription - After a few months, we charge a subscription fee per month.

  3. Subscription + Commission - A combination of a subscription fee and a percentage of the price of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Initial data and Potential Leads - We will send leads on a hit & trial basis but after we receive a feedback, we will do targeted marketing

Getting the commission from Vendors - We will delist non-complying members and put systems in place to rate all EPC partners.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we have come up with an idea that, if executed properly, can help solar EPC players acquire more leads at minimal cost.

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