Team-Eden - Rhino Sync


We chose to take on the challenge to create awareness about Sumatran rhinos by developing a web application that helps people self-identify their personal character traits to those of the Rhinos and at the end find out which Sumatran rhino they are. After taking a number of quiz questions to discover which rhino which is an achievement, it calls for a social call to action to share. The immersion effect of wanting to escape from the real-life is got through knowing your rhino and reading more on what characteristics it exhibits in real life.

There quite a number of motivational factors as to why people play online games, however, following our target audience, ( The internet users) these three factors were the reason why we developed the game.

Achievement component:
You find your inner Rhino

Social Component:
Share with friends to create awareness such that they also find which rhino they are.

Immersion Component:
Escape from real life by being a particular rhino

CHALLENGES FACED Our technical personnel had different expertise in different languages, they had to agree on a language to use, be flexible and adapt to the language in a very short period of time. It was our first Hackathon to participate in and we did not know what to expect. By the time they adapted, time was not our best ally.

What we learned The plan may be hard to execute, always choose out what is basic in the plan and give it a touch of excellence.

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