As this hackathon shows during the current crisis a lot of highly skilled people are using their newly available time to create something useful. But finding the right thing to work on can be a challenge. Do I like the idea? Are my skills relevant in this project? As we have seen at the beginning of this event answering these questions is often time consuming and stressful. With TeamUp we want to change that. Making the team finding process as easy as finding your true love on tinder. That way we can all build a better future with higher commitment and less stress.

What it does

Using your existing online accounts like Google, GitHub, Dribble or LinkedIn TeamUp lets you quickly sign up and build a profile to share your skills and interests. Given your profile TeamUp can find ideas that may interest you. While rating ideas your profile will be enriched by the decisions you take so that future suggestions will become more intelligent.

As a submitter of an idea you can define the team that you want to assemble and the skills that are needed. Seeing people that liked your idea you can then assemble the right team.

How We built it

After spending some time on research and defining of the solution we started designing and developing.

The final solution was designed using Sketch & Figma and developed using a Typescript & React frontend that authenticates users using Firebase and connects to a Firebase database.

Challenges I ran into

  • Team building is difficult. Finding people that actually commit to an idea is hard to achieve in such a short time.
  • Focusing on the features that matter for a demo is difficult. We tried to build a full fledged product when a small part of it would have been sufficient for showing the demo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a workable solution while having a good time with people that I have never met before within two days.

What I learned

Stay focused. In two days you can only prove so much. The goal is to show that something is possible that wasn't clear that it's possible from the beginning.

What's next for TeamUp

  • Team searching UI for idea submitters
  • AI/ML technology to match submitters with hackers
  • Handover to other platforms after a match has been made
  • Expanding to a more general usecase: less focused on event based team matching but also recruiting in long running projects

Code is available here:

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