Inspiration: We had all the machining tools that we could use up to come up with a great working project which could be helpful for all drivers while maintaining safety while driving.

What it does: We basically created a virtual reality toy car

How we built it: We machined the pedal and acceleration along with the handle which we created by laser cutting it. We added sensors which can detect the pressure onto the acceleration. We hard coded it using the arduino and udoo (for vision processing).

Challenges we ran into: we could not configure the oculus as this were the first time we were using the oculus headset.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to complete almost all of the project being something we indulged ourselves into for the first time like making something out using devices and mechanical technicalities.

What we learned: Working as a large team, we learned rapid prototyping.

What's next for Team Burgerts: We can just integrate everything with the actual computer part and improve some of the actual mechanical parts.

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