As software developers, we often have to face the "rush for deadline" or "overwhelming workload" situation. At times like this, it could be of a great help for the development team to have some external expert available to give a hand and reduce the overall burden, even if it is just to take charge of only a small part of the job . This would both improve the productivity and reduce the pressure on the team during the load peaks.

What it does

Teambooster provides an easy way for Jira software users to convert their Jira issues into independent job ads that are published to a freelancing marketplace. To avoid switching between different tools, the hiring process and communication with the freelancers are also managed from the Jira issue panel.

How we built it

The system is made up of 3 components :

  • A NodeJS API for data storing and user accounts management.
  • A Forge application available on the Jira marketplace and providing the "call for help" feature on each issue panel.
  • A ReactJS web marketplace where external freelancers can list and apply for the jobs

Challenges we ran into

  • Learn and develop with the Forge technology in a small amount of time
  • Design a convenient way to integrate the feature into Jira software
  • Attract freelancers on the external marketplace

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having built an MVP.

What we learned

Many new things about the Atlassian ecosystem such as how to develop and integrate custom features in it.

What's next for Teambooster for Jira

  • Integrate the payment management to provide a secure working environment between the client and the freelancer
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