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Hot weather such as this week in Las Vegas, impacts not only humans but aircrafts too. Here we look at improving flight efficiency and safely by use of the provided Aircraft time series data (Big Data) and environmental data (Intel Edison kit).

Aircraft engine was ingested and analyzed via APM, showed anomaly between city pair (e.g. Las Vegas and Phoenix) during summer season. The EGT (exhaust gas temperature) exceeded 800 C during the climb phase. Co-relation with environmental data (airport temperature, air quality etc.) reveals adverse impact of “hot city pairs e.g. Las Vegas and Phoenix, on the jet engine. We created the APM alert using the Azuqua workflow engine from future Monitoring and Diagnostics purposes.

Using the Intel-Edison board (sensors - air temperature, air quality and visibility), we pushed the data to the Predix timeseries store. Azuqua reads the data from the Predix timeseries store to create the work flow and creates the alert. This allows proactive alerts created for monitoring the Airport Air Temperature and Air Quality in APM. Twilio is used to push the alert to the smartphone as text message.

How we built it: Airport Air Temperature monitoring using Intel-Edison board

                        APM for ingesting the Aviation Dataset / Monitoring the data
                       Workflow using Azuqua. 

Challenges we ran into - Time series service was down and we lost a lot of time due to that.

Debugging was a big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Creating a real world solution for Aircraft / Engine monitoring using Timeseries and Environment data in real time. Integration of APM and Azuqua as well as Twilio for real time data.

Created Azuqua channels.

What we learned

Creating Azuqua channel took a lot of effort but we got it working. Azuqua has the capability to trigger an alert in APM. This can be used as a light weight analytic.

What's next for Team AeroSmith: Productize the APM - Azuqa integration

It can trigger service request, Twilio calls (light weight case management)

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