Project name: "talkee" ~Listening with your eyes~


The purpose of this project is to facilitate conversations between deaf people and other people, in a way that is (1) easier, (2) in real-time, (3) smoother, and (4) without stress.

Problem Statements

(1) Although it is inconvenient for deaf people to communicate with other people, there are currently only a few tools aiming to solve this problem.

(2) In fact, the amount of time that it takes for deaf people to communicate fully can be considered a factor of stress for them. The feeling of being left out from the conversation and the concerns that they themselves might be a burden to the others lead to situations where it is difficult for deaf people to engage normally in conversations.

(3) Although existing tools may have successfully solved some aspects of the challenge, none of them offers a sufficiently comprehensive solution.


(1) Split-screen

You can show your text to the person talking to you while viewing it yourself, all on the same device.

(2) Text-To-Speech

Reading out inputted text

(3) Karaoke Feedback

By highlighting the parts of the text being read out loud like Karaoke, the app helps the user know which parts of the text have been and are being read out loud.

(4) Speech Recognition

Converting what the other is talking into text

(5) Surrounding Sound Sensor

Measuring the loudness of the surrounding noises to adjust the optimal text-to-speech output volume. This can help avoid the volume of text being read out being too loud in a quiet place or too low in a crowded, noisy place.

(6) Hand-drawing Support

There are situations when drawing is the better way to communicate, like drawing a map when asking for directions, etc.

(7) Commonly Used Phrases Recorder

You can record phrases that you often use and retrieve them whenever you want so that you can make communication faster.


The app is designed using Flutter.

After Words

The ideas for this project are largely based on what we learned from interviews with other deaf people. Compared to other existing tools, our app is specially designed to be easy-to-use from the perspectives of deaf or hard of hearing people and we hope that it might effectively relieve the frustration and stress of daily communication for them. We also hope that the app will be useful to not only the deaf and hard of hearing community but also to those who suffer from speech disorders or having speaking difficulties, as well as to those who work in the field of healthcare and nursing.

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