• The inspiration for this project was the urgent need to help Foothills Animal Rescue save more animals from being euthanized. ## What it does
  • This project includes both a mobile and web component. The mobile component is an Android application which will be used by the various fosters working alongside Foothills so that they may be able to quickly respond to foster requests so that more animals in need will be saved from being euthanized. The web component is a web service that will be used solely by Foothills to manage both the fosters and the animals in need. The web service allows Foothills to quickly update their system so that their volunteers with the mobile component will be able to receive updates whenever a new animal in need appears. ## How I built it
  • The backend services it provides is built in Node.js alongside Express.js. The database was built using MongoDB with Mongoose.
  • The mobile component was built using Android Studio and OKHTTP.
  • The web component was built using CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript ## Challenges we ran into
  • Implementing administrator authorization
  • Android user interface development ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Building a web app quickly without using a framework and not running into too many issues
  • Food and coffee spills
  • Github merge conflicts ## What's next for Team 6- Foothills Animal Rescue
  • Implementing various convenience features that would improve the experience for the prospective fosterers
  • Implementing another mobile component which can be used on iOS users.
  • Refining the user interface for both mobile and web components
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