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App Description: Platform for helping people and entrepreneurs come up with solutions to modern problems.

Table of Contents

Setup/Installation 🏗

  1. Install Docker Compose
  2. Install Android Studio
  3. Start Docker with systemctl start docker or its equivalent in your system.
  4. Run docker-compose up -d --build
  5. Run Android client app on android studio


  1. Navigate to localhost:8000/docs to view the FastAPI docs for our project

Tech Stack 🍽


We created the client mainly on native Android (Java) for this project. We used the following third party library to supplement our application for handling the network requests:

  • RetroFit – A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java

Web Server

For our project, we integrated a Python FastAPI server that works as an API for sending/receiving data and handling user authentication.

Tech Used

  • Python
  • FastAPI –FastAPI is a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs with Python 3.6+ based on standard Python type hints.

API Endpoints


HTTP Verb Endpoint Description
GET /users get users (for testing)
POST /user create user
GET /user/{user_id} retrieve specific user


HTTP Verb Endpoint Description
POST /problem/{user_id} post a problem made by user
GET /problems get problems data


HTTP Verb Endpoint Description
POST /solutions/{problem_id} post a solution for problem
GET /solutions/{problem_id} get solutions of specific problem


We installed a PostgreSQL database containerized using the PostgreSQL image in the Docker registry.

Data Schemas


Property Type Description
email string user's email
id int user id
is_active bool user's been active
problems [Problem] user's interested problems


Property Type Description
title string title of problem
id int problem id
description string description of problem
createdAt date date that problem was posted
owner_id int id of owner user
solutions [Solution] proposed solutions of problem


Property Type Description
description string description of solution
id int solution id
createdAt date date that solution was posted
problem_id int id of solution's problem
owner_id int id of owner of solution

Containers 📦

In our project, we containerized and isolated the API component to prevent others from running into issues with different python versions and simplify the process of running the API instance. This helped us be more efficient and productive developing in our project. Below is a table that represents the containers, networks, and dependencies of this project (from docker-compose):

Container Name Component
api FastAPI web server

Issues Encountered

The main issue we encountered in this project was connecting the client (Android) with the backend (FastApi). The main reason is due to being our first time experimenting with FastAPI and combining it with Android (Retrofit) together. Some other issues we encountered were with designing the database schema but after drawing and designing we were able to connect all the pieces together.

Authors 📝

  • Dee Yeum - @ChefYeum
    • Database Integration
    • FastAPI setup/Integration
    • Data schemas design
  • Adnan Arshad - @adnan-creator
    • UI/UX
    • Android developer
  • Guillermo Sanchez – @membriux
    • Project Manager (GitHub Projects)
    • Initial Project Design
    • Network Requests (Client using Retrofit)
    • Database Design
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