Having worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the past, we felt that it would be a great opportunity to give back and work with this organization again. We decided to give back by giving them a tool to easily visualize their data. This in turn would make it easier to detect and potentially prevent abductions across the nation.

What it does

Visualizes abduction and attempted abduction data using Google Maps and various other API's. Also allows for filtering of data for visualization.

How we built it

Python/Flask JavaScript HTML

Challenges we ran into

Finding an appropriate framework for UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing a tool that eases the time burden of a non-profit.

What we learned

Timing is essential.

What's next for Team #4 - NCMEC

Hopefully staying in touch with NCMEC.

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Jonathan Gill posted an update


The feature sets that we culminated evolved quasi-linearly with the help of frequent collaboration from our NPO, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Our ultimate goal was to create something that synthesized ideas of familiarity and usefulness. We achieved this by using GUI elements that are ubiquitous in communications technologies. As an example, we needed to plot points on a map, so we used the Google Maps API. We also needed to filter the data that appeared on the map, so we used simple HTML elements to provide functionality without unnecessary flair.

Our focus was definitely channeled toward the back-end development, more so than the UI. We were able to provide loads of features for our NPO needed, which will hopefully translate into time. Our motivation for this was to allow volunteers and staff to spend less time with perfunctory tasks and to continue doing what they do best.

It's been a rare privilege working with Dannah and Charles and the other volunteers with the Opportunity Hack.

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