Our inspiration came from the rise of online remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic; education has taken a turn and video-conferencing platforms like Zoom have seen a surge in popularity. However, with transferring to online learning via Zoom comes the problems and questions of using these applications, especially among new student users. So how can we introduce Zoom effectively? How can we encourage a focused state of online remote learning? We wanted to produce a website that would answer these questions by easing the transition for students to online learning via Zoom. And thus, ZoomHacks was born!

What it does

The goal of ZoomHacks is to ease the transition for students to online learning via Zoom. ZoomHacks is a fun educational online website that provides tutorials for getting started with using Zoom in a very student-friendly, step-by-step format, while also including tips & tricks for increased focus during online learning!

How I built it

First, we started brainstorming using Google Docs, where we settled on how we wanted our website, ZoomHacks, to look like until we got an outline we liked. Some figma was used to design the webpage, and the Web Development was made possible over, over which we used a combination of HTML, JS and CSS for code.

Challenges I ran into

Some of our challenges that we ran into were the time constraints, it was difficult coding for and making a pitch for a whole website in just half a day! But another MAJOR issue was the wifi connection problems I was having when uploading the video file, although I started a long while before the deadline... I hope that by the time you are reading this message, everything ends well!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

HopperHacks was an amazing experience, I'm glad we got to work as a team to produce a real website, that in just half a day! It was great collaborating in a fast-pace environment and trying our best to string everything together to the best of our capabilities, including the code, the demo video, and submission on Devpost.

What I learned

We learned so much about rapid web development and editing, HTML and CSS application. As well, we learned a lot about efficient collaboration to produce a team project!

What's next for Team 39 - ZoomHacks

We hope that more new students will give ZoomHacks a try! P.S. Click on the Google Drive link below to access the video presentation we made about ZoomHacks!

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