There are children and adults out in the world that lack some of the basic functions that most people consider make a person human. In an attempt to treat those suffering from various debilitating conditions Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona (NMTSA) is working to pair the people that need the therapy with the therapists that can provide the therapy. One of the problems that NMTSA is currently facing is that they are unable to provide as much care as they want because they therapists must fill out similar reports by hand. This is where we come in.

What it does

Our product is a user portal that allows the clients to view their information such as, insurance, up coming appointments, previous appointments, and the other documentation that goes along with their therapy. The therapists may view and use the information provided by the users to generate the different reports that they must fill out so that the majority of patient information is already filled in. This allows the therapists to spend less time filling out paper work and more time helping people.

How we built it

The product was built using a Postgresql database for the storing of information. This is accessed through a REST api built with Flask in python for use with the AngularJS front end.

Challenges we ran into

One of the problems that we had was making a functioning user login page that provides the access control that we need for the different forms and files as some are only needed for the therapists, some are need for both, and some are for therapist to client information on the therapy sessions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working database that can be scaled for use with however many different therapists that may exist in the NMTSA system as well as store the information for the majority of the forms in a single place.

What we learned

REST api integration between front end and back end requires a lot of talking between the teams working on each. As well as that the best user experience is on that is intuitive and easy to use for the desired user groups.

What's next for Team 3 NMTSA

Sleep. Maybe some partying but a lot of sleep.

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Andrew K posted an update

2:30 AM

We have a git commit that is labeled as deploying to AWS so it seems as though we will have a working system shortly. The front end customization is a little constrained at the moment but is progressing well. We hope to have basic functionality by tomorrow morning.

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Andrew K posted an update


Began around noon this morning. We spent time with the sponsor learning the requirements that the system must fulfill so that we don't go off track in the future. Spent the time after that designing the front end, back end, and the database. The prototype database is currently completed and now it's time to get the REST api working and the AngularJS front end talking and cooperating together.

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