We team 29, was inspired to design the smart anti-pandemic machine was from the latest devices which are helping to maintain clean and healthy environment in this pandemic. Our basic project has five features and they are UV sterilizer, thermal sensor, sanitizing spray, mask vendor and mask disposal. The working of UV sterilizer is to sterilize the bacteria inside the box whatever is kept inside within five mins. The working of sanitizing spray is to spray sanitizer when hands are placed inside. The Mask vending machine dispenses new masks to the people. New masks are not available to everyone and also since it is lock down and shops are not open, it is difficult to get masks. So mask vending machine will be a solution and it will provide free masks to everyone. The thermal sensor senses the body temperature and displays it. The mask disposal - Used masks are going to be a large burden on the environment. If it is not disposed of properly, it will lead to the spread of the virus and it will also be a threat to the environment as it is medical waste. So the mask dispenser will collect the used masks and dispose of it properly. The upgraded version of it will be included with two more features which can be utilized in hospitals, office etc. The two features are oxygen concentrator and PPE kit sterilizer. An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. An oxygen concentrator takes regular air and purifies it to 90-95% oxygen. The PPE kit sterilizer consist of chamber where there will be a mechanism to heat the Hydrogen-per-oxide. The PPE kits will be placed for 40 minutes in the chamber where we have HPO in a state between liquid and gas and it will be sterilized. Note that everything is solar powered and almost everything is automated so that no human comes in contact. Challenges i ran into was that, it is difficult to do and get the work done in online platform. I am proud that we could do our project video within the given time in online platform. What i learnt from this project was that sanitization is very much essential in upcoming days. If we are selected we will make sure that we will make this project successful and available to people.

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