As we are all females, gender equality is very important to us. The Pink Tax stood out to us as an important problem since it's still incredibly common and a lot of retailers and states still allow it.

What it does

Our website spreads awareness about how women are paying more for products than men are paying. It also gives you statistical analysis and examples to show that our society is treating women different than men. You can also find more information such as how to help (petitions, existing legislations, etc) and similar issues such as the Tampon Tax.

How we built it

The website we used to code our website is We used HTML, CSS and research to build this project.

Challenges we ran into

There were some things like syntax, or some tags that we forgot how to use so that was a little challenging. Researching was a little difficult because gender inequality is a wide topic and we can't cover all of it in a short amount of time. Speaking of time, since we had a short amount of time period to finish our project it was a little challenging to maintain our time and submit the project on time. But we did it! :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our website that we created and how much we learned through researching more about gender inequality. Most of our team did not know about the Pink Tax so we learned a lot of surprising new facts and figures along the way.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Pink Tax, and gender Inequality. All of us learned more about creating a website and using HTML and CSS

What's next for Team 25 - The Cost of Being a Woman

We want to keep updating our website and maybe talk about more subtopics related to gender inequality not just the Pink and Tampon Tax. So, maybe look more into depth about gender inequality and maybe spreading more awareness about how women are treated differently than men. This is a big and very important issue!

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