Drivers in the U.S. waste on average 38 hours /year while stuck in traffic.

We empower everyone to embrace their time in traffic by being productive.

How it works

Our intelligent personal assistant is notified when your car is in traffic:

  • Using the Mercedes-Benz vehicle diagnostics API to detect when your vehicle's speed has decreased or reached 0
  • and the HERE maps API to identify traffic areas and estimated time that traffic will add to commute

When C.A.R.V.I.S. detects that the driver is in traffic, it alerts the driver to the amount of time that they will be in traffic, and then prompts the driver to be productive with that time through voice commands. It uses the time of day to predict what the driver's current needs are (on the way to work in the morning, on the way home from work in the evening, etc.).

  • The driver uses the Mercedes-Benz trackpad to make selections, such as "Read the meeting agenda for my 9 AM meeting"
  • The vehicle display can display and read the selection to the driver
  • The driver can review meeting notes, send messages to colleagues, review relevant articles/podcasts/videos, or even customize music based on mood and current state.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Team 22

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