We realized how much the museum and gallery industry has been struggling as a result of the current situation. Although some institutions have began to transition select exhibitions online, these have been 'click-and-move' style, which is fairly robotic and detached from the ordinary gallery/museum experience.

What it does

Xhibit is a centralised platform similar to Netflix, dedicated to art exhibitions and tours. It will connect everyone to institutions all over the world and events covering all categories of art. It provides several viewing options, including live streaming, pre-recorded events and personalised content.

Our process

  • Brainstorming - We came up with 3 initial ideas in different industries, and narrowed in on the Art space and the idea of a central platform as it was the most globally expendable.
  • Lean Canvas draft - Here we planned out the details of a plausible business model and how we want to connect with our consumers and business partners.
  • Pivot #1 - We shifted perspective to focus on providing a platform to local independent artists, including music, with an option to donate directly to artist. This was because we heard stories from friends of personal struggles and hoped there was market potential in this area.
  • Lean Canvas draft 2 and problem statement - Here we adjusted our lean canvas and defined the problem we are targeting to match Pivot#1.
  • Pivot #2 - Changed target market to public-funded galleries and museums due to independent artists, especially musicians, already having their own platforms. Additionally, sources of funding could not be clearly identified. With this, we updated our lean canvas and problem statement.
  • Market research and implementation - We conducted primary research in the form of a survey to consumers and emails to institutions to better understand current issues. This was supported by secondary research into statistics of the industry.
  • Prototype Building - Using Figma, we constructed the general process by which our consumer will use our website.
  • Pitch Video Development - Bringing it all together!

Key Roles in the Team

While everyone went above and beyond this project, we all found our place to take the lead on the project.

  • Cluny lead the organisation of the team, ensuring that zooms were up and running and all the checkpoints were met
  • Ben took the lead on the more technical aspects of this project including the editing and piecing together of our video pitch
  • Alejandra took the lead in designing our pitch and prototype aesthetic and made our brand cohesive across all elements of this project
  • Zhao lead the way with the market research, designing and taking a lead in distributing our survey and then putting together the data to form meaningful statistics.

Challenges we ran into

  • Due to time constraints, our primary market research did not yield as wide a range of result as we would have liked
  • Coordinating time-zones with workload
  • Pivoting several times in the initial stages to lock in an appropriate target market
  • Receiving feedback that wasn't always positive was disheartening but it was in the end a good thing as it allowed us to reach our final product

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a working prototype that allowed us to bring our collective vision to life
  • Working successfully with an international team and through different time-zones.

What we learned

  • The importance of a good, diverse team
  • The importance of communicating in effective manner that left no room for confusion
  • How to properly deliver an idea pitch in 3 minutes or less.
  • Strategies to better pitch a start-up.

What's next for Team 21

  • Win the Hacker Exchange!
  • All of us are looking forward to using the tools learned in our daily lives and future work.
  • Continue improving our presentation skills, which will aid in successfully starting and- finishing projects.
  • Consider and discuss starting Xhibit.


Figma Prototype

Video Pitch

Built With

  • figma
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