This project aims to support the Terrence Lewis Liberation Foundation in its mission to advocate for wrongfully incarcerated individuals and fight for their freedom. Our project is specifically targeted at creating tools and procedures that will facilitate the stakeholders’ work, particularly for the legal team and members of Project RIC (Research, Investigate, Compile- a subgroup within TLLF). This team is focused on improving the intake, review, and management processes within TLLF. We are working with the organization to improve its questionnaire system so they can make a judgment on a case’s potential more efficiently. Next, we aim to reorganize the reviewal of information that allows the RIC members to understand all the important details of the cases. Finally, we aim to improve TLLF’s management of their clients and stakeholder’s work. We know our project cannot solve institutional problems in criminal justice, but it can address microscale issues that organizations seeking to free wrongfully convicted prisoners have to deal with. These processes being improved makes a massive difference to these organizations.

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