Many people have a passion for dancing or simply want to stay active by learning how to dance; the traditional way of learning dance requires going to a dance studio which can be very costly and troublesome. While it is possible to learn from watching videos online, the experience is not as enjoyable or effective. Some people may be discouraged from this enjoyable activity because of the lack of a better alternative.

With the fast development of computer graphics and motion detection technology, games that teach people how to dance do exists like Just Dance on Wii and Dance Central with Xbox. We want to apply AR technology to create an application that can teach people how to dance with the instructor right in front of their eyes.

Our application is built with the Unity Engine and moved to the Android VR platform. The dance instructor is a 3D model with predefined animations; it exists in an augmented reality in front of the user’s eyes. As long as the user wears the Android VR gear headset, she can learn to dance by watching the instructor from anywhere at any time.

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