The main goal of our project is to reduce the amount of fossil fuels associated with the usage of electric scooters. Our proposed solution is to make a charging and docking station for these scooters that runs 100% on solar energy. If these are stationed in convenient locations and customers are offered the proper incentive, this will eliminate the need for scooter companies to pay someone to drive around a city gathering and charging scooters by non eco-friendly means. Our design utilises three 12V solar panels to charge three lead-acid batteries through the usage of an MPPT. The batteries will be continuously charged throughout the day. Once a scooter is docked, and thereby plugged in, the batteries will recharge the scooter, and the next user will know where to find it. So far, our group has designed a full model of what our station is going to look like in SolidWorks. Once the next semester starts, we will begin building and testing. We have also done all the calculations necessary to ensure we have the right solar panels, batteries, and MPPT to effectively charge scooters. Our group communication has been weekly with advisor meetings bi-weekly.

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Built With

  • 80-20
  • solar
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