In fact, we realise the influence of climate change on people and others. So, we decided to make a program about climates. To help people have further knowledge about the changing weather and avoid unecessary things that will happen.

What it does

Our program forecasts the weather ahead for like 15 days to a month which helps tourists and managers to realize the unexpected weather changes, which have an impact on the effectiveness of hosting a tour. In reality, it helps tourists to find some bright days, also it helps managers to better improving the quality of services. Managers can find some days with bright weather and host serveral tours, tourists can look for many tours with different options depending on the weather of that day,

How we built it

We built it by using HTML, JS, jquery and APIs. We pulled data from a free weather data site. We interpreted the data as the outcome of the program.

Challenges we ran into

Well, that is a large problem. We actually have little knowledge in coding. We have ideas. We don't have the necessary knowledge to turn it into a complete program. At first, we are very confused. But with the helps of mentors, we seem to be able to do it. Although it is not finished yet, we have learned a lot of things from the mentors. They are really passionate people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we're proud of? We're proud to come here, compete in this hackathon, learn from everyone and even though the product is not completed yet. But we very much enjoyed it. Thanks for hosting such an interesting event.

What we learned

We learned about front-end web development, how to use APIs, a little bit of jquery and everything. Those are wonderful information that benefit us a lot.

What's next for Team-15---ICEBLOCK

If I had more knowledge, I would continue developing the program. Our goal for now is to learn more, experience more and when we do. I'm sure we will compete in another hackathon event.

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