Sunday Friends Foundation has a program to break the generational cycle of poverty. Theirs learn and earn ticketing system empowers young and adults to make good financial decisions. We are helping them by developing a mobile application on both iOS and Android platform for ticketing and making this learning easier.

How we built it:

Both the iOS and Android app support a User login and an Admin login

PDF Guide on flow for every screen:

Admin flow

User flow

  1. Front end of the mobile application - Native Android and Native iOS
  2. Database - Amazon RDS (MySQL)
  3. Backend - Spring Java
  4. API hosted on AWS EC2 instance
  5. Prototyping mobile app screens - Figma


The challenges

  1. The primary challenge had been coordinating different tasks in the current virtual environment.

  2. Technical challenges were in keeping it a minimum viable product and not to involve too many dependencies. For eg. sign up for a member whose family is already registered. We simplified this by exposing the familyId after registration. So the next family member if wants to register needs to know the familyId.

  3. Solved authentication/security challanges by using the standard Google Sign in and then onboarding user on our platform after the user is autneticated with Google.

What's next for Team-12 Learn and Earn ticketing system

  1. 2% Interest - Add a cron job that runs on the last day of the month and deposit 2% interest in the user's account.
  2. Personalize the dashboard by adding things like interests earned, balance, spend analytics, etc.
  3. Add shopping experience for user where they can shop daily essentials on the go with their mobile app.
  4. Add shopping platform for admin so that they can upload products and manager the shopping store.
  5. Extend the experience to web as well, atleast for admin so that they can manage all the users easily.
  6. Add a feature as easy sign up for a new family member through a link particular to a family
  7. Add filters to filter out the transaction history
  8. Add search for admin so that admin can easily search for a member and do actions related to that user.

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