Our friends and family who are working in medical care environments.

What it does

It builds a solid security network of volunteers for institutions in desperate need of help.

How I built it

With a lot of love, sleepless nights and coffee.


Laravel Forge
Laravel Envoyer
Laravel Nova
Tailwind CSS
Fractal (

Challenges I ran into

Managing and introducing our already existing project to a whole new team. We had so many people with a lot of expertise from different backgrounds. It was very overwhelming at the beginning, but in the end we grew together as a great team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of our major updates on the frontend, that we created a whole new workflow for requests from institutions and a solid documentation of the process, including a BPNM model.

Also we achieved to be able to display an interactive map to display available volunteers. From the marketing side we were able to come up with a whole new marketing strategy, which ended in our new presentation video.

What I learned

Solidarity is what counts in the end. The help we received, and the positive feedback was and still is astonishing!

What's next for Team 108 - Support Medical Stuff

We want to go further. Our next step is, to get broader attention so that we can support as much institutions as possible. Also we would like to expand the project to make it available to other countries in need.

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