Inspiration: We want to help prevent further spread of Covid-19 by providing the Swiss populations with quality information on how they can obtain and use protective masks.

Proposal: We are recommending that the Swiss government establish a dynamic Task Force that can manage a "Swiss Mask EcoSystem." This EcoSystem encompasses multiple solutions geared toward short and medium term implementation solutions. To facilitate rapid social acceptance for use of such products, we believe these efforts need to be driven by the Swiss government. This will also improve the speed and easy by which the message can be disseminated to the Swiss population. It is important that the Task Force and EcoSystem be a dynamic in order to address the rapidly evolving Covid-19 crisis.

How I built it

Initial efforts were based on the design of products that could be build using Swiss resources. Concepts and prototypes were developed for two main solutions. The first is a reusable DIY face mask developed around existing designs. A video was produced around this concept and is presented on our website. Although such designs and websites are plentiful on the internet, we feel it would be important to created a Swiss specific website that can help citizens acquire or build such protective masks. One of the best examples we found related to DIY masks was generated by a recent hackathon in Germany; Our intent is not to recreate the wheel, and such a site would be a good reference for a Swiss specific website within the EcoSystem.

The second product is a medium range product, an easily produceable and reusable mask that utilizes replaceable filters. Ideally this injection moldable design could be developed quickly and used to produce large numbers of reusable mask geared toward the general population and possibly medical staff/first responders.

We recognize that there are MANY solutions out on the market and currently being designed for this specific outbreak. We have focused on:

a: A very rapid solutions that can protect people NOW. b: A medium range solution that could be produced locally as a reusable solution for the Swiss populaton.

Challenges we ran into:

Many details, and even complete ideas (reference team 230, an offshoot idea), were unable to be incorporated based on the limited time of the hackathon.

Dealing with many multiple IT platforms with a relatively large team; what a learning curve!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We had a very good group of people with great ideas, various backgrounds, much drive and innovation spirit. Producing these concepts within a short time was an accomplishment and pleasure.

What's next for Team #103: Swiss Mask EcoSystem

We would love to see these concepts adopted by the Swiss Government as quickly as possible. AS mentioned, many details were unable to be incorporated, specifically to the final presentation. It would be great to have the opportunity to incorporate some of these very important items in to a much needed system to help protect the Swiss population form further spread Covid-19.

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