Currently it is very difficult to find reliable information about Covid 19, the internet is full of misinformation and malicious content. We wanted to address this problem and provide a place where Doctor's (who we authenticate) Can view and publish cases for other doctors to view.

What it does

DoctorDB is a web application that is currently live, to access the database of information, doctors have to register using their medical diploma. After getting authenticated they can search the database, publish their own results or view the trends from the rest of the data

How we built it

We used Django for the web framework, before hosting the whole app on Heroku. We also used Heroku for the hosting of the remote database in PostgreSQL. We wanted to make the data visualisation as clear as possible so we used Google charts api and created some very nice charts

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with setting up the front-end, as none of us had much experience with javascript. This made the data visualisation especially difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of setting up a remote database and managing to host the application, this is something we struggled with in previous hackathons

What we learned

How to write Javascript and the importance of planning the database schema before starting the project

What's next for Team 100_DoctorDB

We want to add some Machine Learning to the application to try and predict future trends

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