Inspiration: We were inspired by the message that Dannah and Charles had to say about the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. We thought this was a very unique opportunity, as this is the only non-profit in the nation with information pertaining to missing children and attempted abductions.

What it does: We built a Shiny web-based application in R, and its main purpose is to provide a UI that alters multiple characteristics of the data described above. Several queries are executed to display interactive information on a live map of the United States, and the ability to download the queried data in CSV format.

How we built it: We partitioned up the work into three main areas: handling the core logic of the Shiny app, packaging the code in an HTML wrapper format, and configuring web hosting for the application. Some of the tools we used were RStudio, RStudio Server, R Shiny, R Shiny Server,, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Challenges we ran into: As a team, we faced several challenges along the way. These issues included several very unintuitive R error messages, RStudio crashing a team members laptop (twice!), AWS configuration issues, pure sleep deprivation and a ton of junk food. As a team, we were able to overcome these issue by utilizing creativity, emotional empathy, and ingenuity.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: As a team, only one of us had any prior experience with R, RStudio, and Shiny. We are very proud of our final outcome as a team and hope that it will serve the community well!

What we learned: As a team, we learned how to work together, how to program in R, and how to stay calm when everything falls apart.

What's next for Team 10? : We all plan to continue our education at Grand Canyon University, where we are consistently encouraged to find a way to make a difference in the community. We plan to continue finding ways to leverage our friendship and technological skills to make our community a better place.

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