The case:

Imagine a large, well-known ecommerce store. As a part of CSR initiative, they would like to donate a part of your order totals to medical fund, fighting COVID-19, and calculate this proportion dynamically, based on current infected / healed ration (e.g. more risk - more charity is transferred to fund). Also, they would like to keep customers informed with health pulse displayed as a banner

Details on business background:

Complex promotions are real business case, frequently discussed with our Customers. Depending on some external data (e.g. weather, currency ratio, competitor price, etc) ecommerce solution might apply personalisation, including storefront merchandising and price calculation. Our team is excited with open API capabilities, which bring to life ability quickly (we only have 1 week) construct a valuable and flexible solution.

High-level design:

Data about COVID is taken from open API, calculated in custom microservice, send to for business rules management and used as promo in BigCommerce.

Handy links

Demo storefront
Preview code prxckx4enp

BigCommerce console / Qazwsx123!@#

Voucherify console / Qazwsx123

Custom microservice code


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