This project is designed to promote continueous learning. There is no doubt that so many children and adult were restrained from acquiring knowledge that will mold them, as a result of covid-19 pandemic and restraining orders. Lots of extra curricular activities were placed on hold. Knowledge acquired through education goes a long way to produce lots of creative skills that can solve many problems. So this project was designed to prepare students to be fully equipped with all knowledge in our fast paced changing society.

What it does

Teachthem is an online space and app for shaping destinies online, offering quality education and creating room for employment.

How I built it

This was built online with programming language by Chinwendu #C++, site built on strikingly. Flutter integration, Adobe graphics, android studio.

Challenges I ran into

Poor network and power supply. We had to muti-task on high level. There were little support, but glad all were achieved

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Site clearly states mission and vision of the whole idea.

What I learned

We must keep researching and building to transform so many things, for the future.

What's next for Everyday passion Academy

We hope to bring all activities to live with the right support.

Built With

  • adobe-graphics
  • android
  • site-built-on-strikingly.-flutter-integration
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