We wanted to make a helpful tool for students and teachers using a speech-to-text service from

What it does

TeachRecord creates a live transcript of a teacher's lecture and sends the transcript to the students via a phone app throughout the lecture so that students can look back through the lecture both during and after

How we built it

We wrote a python script to record user voice input and send data to speech-to-text service to convert to text. This text, through Dropbox, is then accessed by a phone app which displays it.

Challenges we ran into

Constant recording and sending using multithreading caused many problems due to the difficulty of debugging. Also, as novices to Android Studio, it took a long time to understand how it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Updates are live. The app is sturdy. The project has much potential given more time.

What we learned

Constant communication with an API is tricky, especially when using multithreading. On the storage side, we learned to use a script to keep updating local files with Cloud files so they can be used by the app. Lastly, Android Studio has a lot of strange syntax that had to be learned.

What's next for TeachRecord

Ultimately, this app will also be able to store all recorded lectures for cross-referencing or locating using keywords.

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