Entering the milenal era, we are all faced with the corona virus attacks. Nothing was new if corona attacks humanity again, we all knew that the Virus has been raised in several years ago for many times. Now all are invited to think and weave for a moment of our lives.

Our children who have difficulty getting decent life, health and education. This should be our reference for reflection now. How we care about our brothers and sisters elsewhere, how we can help those who are apart far from us. What we can do for them simply. they don't need an expensive cellphone, they don't need luxury cars, we know that education is the most important requirement for all of us.

What it does

What is the most effective solution, easily achieved and directly beneficial for our children. A system built on the basis of the results of thinking and pondering during this pandemic has resulted in a virtual space that can be reached by our children who really need learning media in their respective homes. We cannot go against time and distance. These two factors are our focus in making this series of learning systems. Our main focus is how children can do independent learning at home with the same learning resources while they are at school. We want children to be able to easily and freely learn independently in their virtual "room". There are no absences, there is no registration, we want our children to be free to learn whenever they want. We don't want to display complicated and confusing feature sets. Most important is the willingness of many learning resources are supported.

How we built it

We build it with PHP, API for backend. MySQL for database. Centos for web server

Challenges we ran into

On this system learning resources are divided into two main categories, first is Main sources and second ia Supporting sources. The main source is to contain material in accordance with the level at school, this source is in the form of text-books and a collection of practice questions like past paper. Then supporting sources are all sources relating to the subject matter that can add information related to the subject matter. These supporting sources include videos, public books and photos. And there is feature where peoples can drop their donation of sources it can be e-book, links, article, video, photo. Then our team will sort the donation to be placed accordingly in our sources place. In this system also, children can freely answer the questions provided then they can find out the results. They can go back after they study from many resources in the same room. Finally we gratefully brought this system to our children of the world. Wiseman say, "succeed is not how high your position in company, but how high you are useful for others".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplish that we proud of peoples around the world are reacts simultaneously. This seen how the world are really care to each other. Humankind, nature life are cycled to become better togather in the future. And we very purely proud of us, not even just our team.

What we learned

We all here learned, from the other, from ourself, from the nature. Like an communication theory said, "one can not not communication". That means we should reach them who needs been touched by us.

What's next for Teaching Distance Learning

The next forward steps are, we want people in around the world are willing to be as a teacher for our children of the world. We share, we donate, we drop all resources in one platform, so then the strength of our resources are gained perpetually.

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