Teachers have an incredibly difficult job, yet it is one of the most critical occupations for society. A teacher and his or her lessons can impact students for the rest of their lives. Because of the critical role teachers play, it's important that they deliver the best lessons possible to their students. A huge part of creating great lessons is working with other teachers. TeacherTalk aims to make this communication between teachers easier and more efficient, in order to allow teachers to quickly and easily get the information they need to create instructive and impactful lessons.

TeacherTalk is a mobile app and website whose goal is to make it easier for teachers to get information. TeacherTalk accomplishes this by allowing teachers to share resources, giving teachers the opportunity to chat with each other, and enabling teachers to coordinate timelines with others. TeacherTalk’s centerpiece is an interactive calendar in which teachers can find out when assignments, projects, units, and exams for other classes take place. By coordinating lesson timelines with other teachers and subjects, teachers can create a more cohesive inter-subject learning experience for students. TeacherTalk also features a page to view resources created by other teachers, such as syllabuses and useful links. This way, teachers can more quickly access quality learning tools. Finally, TeacherTalk contains a chat section for teachers to directly interact with each other and ask questions.

TeacherTalk’s frontend is built with flutter, a framework for the dart programming language focused on creating clean User Interfaces. TeacherTalk’s backend contains a flask server and CockroachDB SQL server both running on a Linode machine. The flask backend queries the SQL server and relays the query responses to the front end.

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