The problem your project solves

Teachers all over Europe have been facing challenges to build kids' confidence in ICT skills, while the World Economic Forum says that there will be 133 million new roles created by tech in 2022.

The gap between the technology industry and education systems are widening and the COVID situation all over Europe has exposed it even more – low digital skills, insufficient teaching resources for remote work led thousands of teachers to despair and burnout.

Only 15% of school teachers feel confident about using technology as a learning tool in the classroom, while time is the most limiting resource to 77% of teachers who are forced to ‘get through the day’ instead of thinking creatively and prepare innovative learning materials (Microsoft UK study - 2018/2019)

Yet discussed for many years before, COVID context has brought a sudden and very clear need - teachers' adaptability and creativity in working with ICT.

Unfortunately, teachers have had little or no support to adapt and gain future-proof skills.

The solution you bring to the table

Teachers Lead Tech (TLT) – a guided learning tool for primary school teachers to bring technology literacy and technology creation to the classrooms.

The tool provides teachers with:

Confidence in using technology tools in their remote work (and after the crisis - in live lessons as well), achieved by mentorship sessions; Competence and skills to use and create technologies, achieved by ongoing practical experience; Content: innovative, time-saving teaching resources based on best tech practices, where various subjects (math, languages, etc.) are merged with technology creation practises (programming concepts, 3D modelling, virtual reality and others);

Due to COVID, we launched our MVP with 400 primary school teachers in Lithuania in April. 100% of teachers saw their digital literacy improve.

What you have done during the weekend

We have designed a personalised continuous learning path for teachers to inform our data model.

Following the path, we have designed 2 creative technology courses for primary school teachers to boost digital literacy, increase kids engagement and ensure content relevancy when in remote learning. Courses are in natural sciences - bird migration, sound and in cosmic technologies.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Teachers Lead Tech provides teaching resources for remote learning during crisis, improves digital skills both of teachers and kids and through learning process helps to acquire future-proof skills. Solutions impact to the crisis - ensuring quality education and growing teacher comfort in ICT.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Necessities: access to teacher networks in EU; partnerships with leading local educational institutions for quicker implementation; partnerships with EU on institutional level to grow ICT skills adoption;

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Starting in September 2020, Teachers Lead Tech launches as a continuous personalised learning programme for teachers to bring technology creation to classrooms through confidence, competence and content.

Teacher programme fee: 200 Eur/yr or 2.000 Eur/yr for a school with 10+ teachers. With the next pandemic wave expected in autumn, we expect to onboard up to 5.000 teachers for 2020 /2021.

On a mission to serve 1.000.000 teachers by 2025, impacting 20.000.000 kids.

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