Our application exists to aid the organization, Pencils of Promise, reach and communicate with the teachers they are working to train, even in the most remote villages. Many communities where Pencils of Promise has built schools and trained teachers, such as rural villages in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, have no access to smart phones and very scarce and limited access to the internet. As the organization expands rapidly, communication with all their teachers will prove problematic if not for an efficient digital solution. Through our Teacher Training SMS Resource Alert App, PoP staff members can send teaching materials(pdf, images, video, etc.) to all their teachers. Once a resource has been uploaded, a personalized SMS alert is sent directly to all the saved numbers, letting teachers know that there is new content waiting for them. Teachers can access this resource by going to the shared Google Drive where the resource is uploaded automatically. Although smart phones and internet is limited, even the most underdeveloped areas in the countries PoP works with, have a significant mobile phone penetration. Our app allows PoP to remain in communication with all of their teachers around the globe.

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