Talking to people in positions of authority about bullying or mental health problems can be difficult and stressful; anonymity can lessen the difficulty of having such conversations. By allowing a student to remain anonymous while talking to an adult that they trust, perhaps the student can receive whatever help they need without fear of being stigmatized based upon the problem.

What it does

Teacher Talk allows students to chat with teachers or other school faculty members anonymously; this anonymity can be removed if a faculty member flags a message as indicating that the student may be a danger to him- or herself or others.

How we built it

Most of the code was written on CodePen and then transferred to files on GitHub; from there, files were rearranged and pages were built using Jekyll.

Challenges we ran into

All but one member had very little experience with writing code.

If this project were to go into production, security would be an important issue and privacy concerns would need to be addressed more thoroughly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Day 2 All Stars placed in the semi-finalist round of cup stacking and wrote almost all of the CSS; they did not expect to be able to write as much code as they did.

The Not Day 2 All Stars wrote the majority of the HTML and one did all of the Javascript.

What we learned

CSS is painful. Jekyll does not like to update from GitHub very quickly. So many things.

What's next for Teacher Talk

Full implementation of the features devised so far would be nice.

Built With

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