We were inspired by the simple notion of being able to impact the classroom making the teachers job easier. I came across this idea in MGMT100 as we discussed how leaders (in specific teachers) have to change the way that they teach according to the group they are with. It is a hard task unless you receive some good, instant data back so we came across this idea.

It allows a teacher to create a classroom and students to join and leave and come back as they please by just entering the class id. There are no usernames or passwords to conserve ease and anonymity in the classroom. Then the student can input his/her satisfaction with the exact current state of the lecture/material and the aggregate data will show up in styled graphs for the teacher. It shows the percentage of satisfaction across the different styles of learning. This is web based, so android and iOS may use it, but there is a specific android wrapper that it is specially designed for. Lastly, there is a pebble app the connects on the teachers end so that the data may be viewed with ease while teaching.

We built the interface in HTML5 and JS and the backend in PHP5.5. The android wrapper is built in Java and the Pebble App is built in JS.

It is very difficult to keep the backend clean and organized while still maintaining all of the data needed on each user. We spend many hours debugging the complicated logical tracks that happen in the background to ensure it was flawless.

I am proud of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the app, while still providing a great service with great potential.

I have learned that projects that may seem simple can be just as complicated as any other app, because while there may not be an absurd amount of computational power used, the data is all precise and there is no room for error while still having to solve the puzzle of keeping students separate and unable to corrupt the system.

What we would like to see in the future is an iOS wrapper, a more stable graphically advanced version of the Pebble App (we have graphics running but the sdk struggles in compiling.) Lastly we aim to reach out to paperless and regular classrooms in the near future to offer this free service to them after posting out pebble app and android apps on their respective stores. We believe that it is more than a concept, but an app with real potential to change the way education runs.

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