The Teacher Control Panel enables teachers to access detailed information about each student's performance on Common Core concepts when playing the integrated game titles Creature Capture, Treefrog Treasure, Refraction, and Planetopia.

  • Creature Capture is a fun and colorful fraction-based card game where the goal of the game is to own more of the board than your opponent! Players engage in both solo and multiplayer gameplay as they collect cards and build strategies. Opponents take turns playing their creature-themed cards to a central board, causing battles between opposing cards along the way. The victor of each battle is determined by one of three battle rules: largest number wins, smallest number wins, and closest number to ½ wins. Players can use power cards to augment any creature, allowing them to perform complex fraction-based arithmetic to win battles.

  • Treefrog Treasure is a platformer game that allows players to explore different worlds as a frog and learn fractions and numberline concepts. When certain obstacles are reached, a player must properly identify a target symbol, whole number, or fraction on a numberline to collect gems and complete the level. Hints are provided to help the player reach the correct answer when mistakes are made.

  • In Refraction the player must use lasers in order to power spaceships containing various animals who have gotten stuck in space. The player must split the laser to form the appropriate fractions to progress.

  • Planetopia is an online virtual world that ties many games into a single persistent experience. Players receive quests to achieve goals in various games and earn coins. The coins can then be spent on avatar customization and other items.

The Teacher Control Panel was created by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

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