teachem is designed to help educators manage their classroom around an engaging discussion instead of a traditional lecture. It is currently being used by thousands of middle school teachers around the country to enhance the learning in their classrooms.

Students use the tool to work in study groups, complete homework assignments, and review teacher instruction. With YouTube powering the platform there is almost no limit to the type of educational video that can be included in the day-to-day of running the class. Teachers and students can easily attach time-stamped flashcards to any videos to create a custom class, as well as collaborate with one another to create the best video-based lessons. The secret to its success is it not only organizes the content into a private, safe environment, but provides tools for students to both learn and retain the material.

Ultimately, teachem enables teachers to manage their classroom in three core ways:

1) It allows teachers to provide different levels of instruction for beginners to advanced learners in their class. 2) It gives teachers the tools to design student-driven activities to be delivered through the teachem platform. 3) Teachers can create their own instructional videos and use them in place of a lecture allowing more time for discussion during the class itself.

Please watch 55 second animation about teachem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYnTvVOxvZU

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