Are you a young professional who’s in search for a mentor to help guide you to your career goals? Or are you struggling with job hunting and want an easy way to reach out to recruiters? We believe it’s important for young professionals to have mentors to work in a space similar to their career goals. It’s crucial in career development to meet connections and learn more about the industry a profession aspires to be in. For recruiters on the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to find young, diverse talent. We want to give you a centralized spot where you can find employees to promote more diversity in the workplace which has been shown to drive creativity and innovation. Diversity hire has been on the rise, and we want to leverage this by creating an app to make it easier and more efficient for recruiters!

What it does

We are Teacha, a platform that allows mentees to connect with mentors and recruiters in a fun and exciting way. We are a mentor/mentee matching app that follows a similar algorithm as Tinder except for professionals! We want this platform to be a safe space where mentees can network and gain insight in the industry they aspire to work in. We also create a space where recruiters can hire diverse talent more efficiently by applying filters on the criteria of candidates they’re looking for.

Some features include:

  • Login and registration page that welcomes you to Teacha!
  • Matching algorithm that you can use to match with your ideal mentor/mentee (by swiping)!
  • Toggle information visibility for your profile information such as work, job title, education level, industry, etc.
  • Filter the algorithm by setting the race, age, or gender.
  • Add tags to show off your skills and qualifications
  • A chat feature to message and connect with your matches!

How we built it

  • Wireframing: Figma
  • UI/UX: ReactJS, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Axios
  • Collaboration: Github, VSCode liveshare
  • Backend: Django
  • AWS
  • Docker

Challenges we ran into

  • Version management (ie: npm) between users
  • Merge conflicts between users
  • Docker set up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of how our overall project turned out. We love the overall design of our app and how we finished the majority of the features we intended to implement.

What we learned

  • Bootstrap in react
  • The importance of using branches in Github
  • Learned how to use various packages in React
  • Learned more on how to use CSS in React

What's next for Teacha

  • Clean up the design!
  • Implement a "super like" feature
  • Allows users to add multiple pictures of themselves that show their different talents and personalities
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