As the technology changes can be seen in various sectors but still the way of teaching and learning process hasn't changed much. Teachers are teaching in the same way and students are also not enjoying this method of learning. Especially in online learning methods, where teachers have difficult time in explaining complex subjects using Word, PDF and PowerPoint files. So this Teacher’s day, we bring a new way of teaching students. An immersive technology of teaching where teachers will be teaching in 3D space virtually and students will get to learn in different dimensions.

What it does

Teach Using Tech provides teachers a new way of teaching using immersive experiences. Teachers can enter the immersive VR experiences using the web browser and, draw and generate things in the three dimensions using their hands. Since, WebXR runs on the browser, teachers and students can use the device which can be as simple as a mobile device, and with a browser that supports WebXR, they can teach and learn in VR World. They can draw different symbols and objects in a 3D plane and students are also going to learn in 3D space. Teachers can draw using their hands, with different colors and generate shapes. Students will also be able to communicate with others in General Chat which is built using Twilio API.

How we built it

We used WebXR for the VR. WebXR helps to build and run immersive VR experiences on the web. We used three.js to leverage the WebXR API and to create 3D objects in VR. We used simple HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap to build the front end part of the website. We built the chat application using Twilio using Node js. The front end part is hosted in Netlify, and the chat API is hosted in Azure.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating a 3D model into a website was challenging for us. Initially, it was difficult and later we used Snowpack, after which things became easier. Using Twilio for the first time was also a bit of learning and fun. Integrating all technologies to the front end, at last, was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used VR for first time in Hackathon and built cool stuffs and learnt a lot during it. We used Twilio for first time and built the chat.

What we learned

We have learned to use Twilio for our app and use it in a new learning system. We also learned integrating WebXR VR with front end, and using it in Azure.

What's next for Teach Using tech

We plan to upscale the project. We plan on adding Augmented Reality in our project for a better teaching learning environment and for interactive sessions. We also plan to use Twilio for better communication between teachers and students. Due to limited time we could not make our website responsive, so we will be making our website responsive so that the application can run in all kinds of devices.

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