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Teach Me Python is an Alexa skill that teaches the basics of the Python programming language! In a world where software is becoming a larger part of our daily lives and the business world, learning to code has gained a lot of importance.

Python is a great language to learn because it is user-friendly and appropriate for all ages. Despite its seeming simplicity and intuitiveness, it is used in a lot of different applications, ranging from statistical analysis to chat servers.

This skill is designed to teach the basics of the programming language, and with that said, provides short, easy to digest lessons intended to give the user enough information about given topics in the Python programming language. Each lesson is followed up with questions to test understanding.

The lessons do not have to be followed in order necessarily. Functionally, you are able to navigate between lesson content and the corresponding questions, or if you need to, repeat a lesson so as to further reinforce before testing. Several topics, such as classes, are encouraged to review several times over given their importance and complexity.

The Vimeo demo has only 12 lessons, but we do not intend to stop there! More lessons will certainly be on the way.

Please enjoy, and I hope you go check out my skill (see link above)!

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