Problem Statement

According to a recent study by Arnold School of Public Health, only about 21 percent of US teens actively engage in dancing. A significant number of people who do not dance are just too shy to do so in front of others or even ask anyone to teach them how to dance.

Suggested Solutions

DanceWithMe.AI app aims to help such people by, first, breaking down complex dances into a series of moves for them to follow, then comparing their dance with the ideal version to provide feedback through scores, and finally encourage them to challenge their peers to dance off in dance battles.

Tech Stack

We used Node.JS and Python along with Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine and Firebase for the backend, React.JS, HTML, CSS and Flutter for the frontend and MediaPipe’s pose estimation for figuring out the location of the dancer and their distance from the ideal dance pose.

Moving Forward

  • Duet Challenges: We plan to introduce duet challenges for healthy 1v1 local dance battles and even 2-person team battles.
  • DancePay: For those who cannot decide on a way to split their bills, we plan to introduce DancePay, a platform that lets you split the bill with your friend based on your dance score.
  • Health App Integration: Finally, we also plan to integrate our application with existing health apps, like Google Fit and FitBit Health, to help dancers track the calories burned during practice.

Let's Talk Money

In future, we plan to partner with stores to help with their promotion by letting them award coupons to leaderboard position holders and winners of dance battles. Randomly choosing the dance battles to award coupons to would not only help us promote the stores, but it will also help us with user retention on the platform. Apart from this, we also plan to take cuts from the money paid using DancePay and monetize the application using Google AdSense, but only if doing so maintains a decent user experience.

_Note: In case our YouTube link is broken, please use this link to access our demo video

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