We're all aware that the percentage of members teaching online is rapidly increasing. As a result, we have both benefits and drawbacks. However, while teaching onlineĀ as a speaker or instructor, one must boost production while also capturing the attention of all of his listeners. To do so, he or she should employ innovative teaching methodologies. As a result, we've selected two old teaching methodologies that can be updated using contemporary technologies. One is utilizing a whiteboard to instruct. This free utility software that can be used in presenting / explaining more effectively.

What it does

  • An AI-based virtual painter that can be used to draw on screen using RGB colors, replacing the white board in the classroom and increasing student attention.
  • An AI-powered mouse controller that may be used instead of a traditional mouse.

How we built it

  • Hand Detection Module : Class containing the methods to detect hands & hand's position.
  • Python's cv2 and MediaPipe libraries : Provide the modules and methods to get hand landmarks and draw shapes to mark them.

Challenges we ran into

All the head eating Bugs that always act as barriers between us and our achievements. We tried to integrate the Virtual Painter on our Web-App and then deploy the same, but unfortunately unable to accomplish that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to achieve and create a working prototype for this project in a limited amount of time before deadline, even though we encountered many setbacks.

What's next for Teach Easy

Deploy both virtual painter and mouse and create a full-fledged Web-App. Also we would like to add more functionalities and features like capturing a screenshot while using the Virtual Painter.

Links :

Virtual Painter

Virtual Mouse

Web app

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