How Our Game Works

Oftentimes, people have questions at the tip of their tongue just awaiting to engage in discussions of social and personal issues. Yet, with the fear of leaving a bad impression on others with their sudden ‘intrusive’ questions, people become hesitant with their questions. Tea Stirrer helps ask all the right questions.

In groups of 4 to 5, players join a common game room and are randomly chosen to answer juicy questions while their friends fan the fire by adding their own cheeky question inputs. Players are able to have fun getting to know each other better, while stirring tea.

An interesting twist to the game would be that every player gets one chance to press the ‘PANIC!’ button. While other players are inputting their answers to the question blank, the chosen one is able to view the various inputs and decide if they wish to pose the question to another player instead while remaining unaware of the actual question at hand.

Tea Stirrer encourages continued offline conversations during such “awkward” gatherings by acting as an initial question prompters to alleviate the awkward atmosphere that is usually present at the beginning of such gatherings. We hope that our spicy and spot-on questions will push further discussions and kick off the conversations for more meaningful exchanges eventually.

The concept of relating such discussions to ‘tea’ originates from the modern slang ‘spill the tea’. Such use of modern slang is an interesting addition to the game, creating a connection with the users.

The concept design follows a Futuristic Cyberpunk theme. From our shared experience, the best socializing spaces have dim lighting, resembling a slow day at your neighborhood bar. Hence, we felt that a toned-down cyberpunk concept with faint neon lights and futuristic elements best aligns with our aesthetic aspirations.

What’s Next for Tea Stirrer

The game can be expanded to include more card packs of various themes, such as Icebreakers, or questions that extend to understand more social relationships. This will allow users to choose a suitable card pack for their social setting. This will allow our game to fulfill our purpose more effectively such that players are able to obtain and provide information as targeted.

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