Milk tea is a trending drink nowadays, especially in the Bay Area. Often times while hanging out with friends we would want to try out new bubble tea shops and we thought google and yelp did not provide all tea shops and would often provide other drink shops such as Starbucks or Peets Coffee. We thought it would be neat to display all nearby tea shops and provide relevant information.

What it does

Currently, it pinpoints nearby bubble tea shops in the bay area on a smooth, user-friendly interface.

How we built it

First we filled our database with tea shops using a community generated boba directory within the Bay Area. In order to organize the information by tea shop, we parsed the data. We used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery to construct a slick user interface. One of us was in charge of also designing graphics to create a more aesthetically appealing web application.

Challenges we ran into

Determining how to parse the data, converting addresses to longitude and latitude in order to display on map and displaying all tea shops onto the map

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Aesthetically pleasing and smooth user-interface and collecting a mass amount of data on bubble tea shops and effectively organizing it onto a map.

What we learned

Learned more about google maps api and learned to incorporate smooth animations.

What's next for Tea-Finder

IOS and Android Applications, Rating Systems, Expanding beyond the bay area, and Reward System

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